As your source for all things horse, we pride ourselves in teaching the horsemanship basics.  The basics that make you the well rounded equestrian you always knew you could be in a safe and well monitored environemnt.  Horsemanship may start on the ground with halters and lead ropes, but if we can help it, it will take you places (both spiritually and physically) you never knew existed.


We've got more services than you can fit in your saddle bag, but for information's sake we'll run through a condensed list.   


Private and Group Lessons

Introduction to Horses

Tack Sourcing and Fitting

Safety and Instructional Clinics

Bobbing for Apples

Pie Eating Contests, etc.


We really do offer a lot, but it should be noted that all riders, no matter his/her skill level, will need to take part in a consultation prior to any riding.  Only prepared students are eligible for lessons in the field or on the trail.  All riders and students should come with closed toe, heeled shoe, flat soled and proper equine helmet.  We keep a plethora of helmets and boots if needed.


Every horse experience with Montana Horse Sense is a lesson.

Contact us to see how we can help you.



Wondering what it is that we DON'T do?

We don't sleep in, we don't drink drip brewed coffee, and most importantly, we don't whine!  (Unless it's really cold; it is Montana afterall.)


The bottom line is that horses make our lives fuller and we want the same for you.